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Model: Manual version 150g capacity

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新建 XLSX 工作表.pngRoasting instructions K-Bopar hot air coffee roaster
Model: P-150/P-300 (manual version) baking steps;
1. Plug in the power cord and turn on the machine. Before starting up, check the power switch, fan knob and heating voltage knob to ensure that they are in the off state (counterclockwise is off) before starting up.
2. The machine does not need to be preheated, and the beans are baked directly, or the beans are preheated to the required temperature for baking.
3. Turn on the power switch and the light will light up, indicating that the machine is energized. Rotate the fan control knob.
You will hear the sound of the fan starting. If there is no sound of starting the fan, turn off the power and turn it on again. The fan can only be used after it starts.
4. Rotate the fan control knob to blow the beans evenly, and the height of the beans is as high as possible
 Do not exceed the height of 6 minutes of the glass of the bean bin, avoid excessive wind, and blow the beans into the silver leather box.
The strength of the wind must ensure that the beans are blown evenly. (According to the different beans, the wind power can be adjusted independently)
5. Rotate the temperature control heating knob/digital display of the gear position, and rotate to the required power value. (According to the different beans, the firepower can be adjusted independently)
Note: Turn on the fan first, wait until the beans are evenly blown, and then turn on the heating. Do not dry and heat. Turn off the heating first. Wait until the bean temperature shows 70 degrees before turning off the fan and power socket.

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